Winter Light

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Winter months are a time of celebration in many beliefs and traditions. When in an environment with a group of children, it's important to be open-minded, non-judgmental, and culturally sensitive as the group may celebrate a variety of holidays. In a Waldorf setting, we structurally do not celebrate one holiday over another. We honor the differences and create a safe container where all cultures and traditions are accepted. Allowing children to bring into the classroom items, experience, and stories of their culture and traditions allows them to feel seen and heard, and may broaden perspectives of other children who are just learning about it for the first time. Although we do not “schedule” this, sharing we encourage families to bring in lessons, crafts, or favorite items to share with the class or put on our observation table.

Our philosophy during the holiday season is less about holidays and more about natural rhythms of the earth. As winter days become colder and daylight becomes shorter, we find ourselves gravitating towards the indoors to find warmth and light. We ourselves take up the path of hibernation and slowing down. Just as bodies of water freeze over and reflect light, the winter solstice is a period of inner reflection and finding our own inner light.

Engage children in reflection by asking questions:

What have we experienced in this past year?

What have we learned this year?

Who have we meet?

What is a favorite memory of this past year?

What we do differently next year?

Or, choosing to rest in stillness, knowing that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be, is reflection in itself. After contemplation and movement of the mind, we come to a place of peace, of stillness, like snowfall on a quiet winters day. This is where we may see our light.


The path of finding inner light is a life long journey, but by beginning this journey in childhood, future generations will be brighter than ever. Click links below for some reflective winter crafts and activities:


Candle Making

Starlight Project

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