Watercolor Name Tags

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Introduce children new and old through authentic art!

No matter what season we're in, watercolor name tags are a beautiful craft. Blues and golds can be used for winter, orange and yellow for fall, and greens yellows and purples for spring and summer. Making watercolor name tags is a simple and meditative method of introducing new children and new mediums.


Watercolor paint (Blue, gold, yellow)


Mason jars (or something to hold paint in)

Paint brushes

Watercolor paper



Cookie cooling sheet

How To

Mix yellow and blue watercolor into separate mason jars and place them in the middle of the table with brushes to share. Each child receives their own paper specifically made for watercolor paint.

Allow their creative process to unfold! The goal is to keep matching the blue brush with the blue paint, and the yellow brush with the yellow paint. At the end of the day there may be some greens. Although potentially frustrating, it is an opportunity for children to observe how mixing two colors makes a completely new color. It's exciting to watch colors change before your eyes! If they get too carried away, though, gently remind them to match the brush with the paint color.

Lay finished products out to dry. Once completely dry, an adult neatly writes the child's name on top of their watercolor. This can be done in black, gold, silver, or anything that stands out on top of chosen colors.

Then, the paper is laminated in beeswax. First, get beeswax (Michael's craft store has some) and heat it up in a crock pot. Once the entire solid block has turned liquid, pick up the paper with tongs and gently cover both sides in wax. Hang it over the pot for a few seconds to allow any extra wax to drip off. To dry, place it on the cookie cooling sheet. The end result can be used to hang above cubbies, places at a table, backpacks, hangers, etc.

Learning Goals Addressed

Sorting and matching

Creative art

Using different mediums

Social/emotional development through sharing

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