Scented Sock Snowmen

Sock buddies are a great companion for chilly winter months! They are very easy to make, adorable, and can help calm kids down for sleep and even throughout the day. The weight of these sock buddies can be very calming to the nervous system, especially when essential oils are added like lavender, chamomile, or ylang ylang. Get started with the materials below for fun all winter long!

Materials for one snowman

1 tall sock

3 rubber bands

Around 4-5 cups uncooked rice (or option to use oatmeal)

Tall mason jar

Permanent marker

Essential oils


1. Pour 4-5 cups of uncooked rice in a bowl in a bowl. Oatmeal is fine to use if you don’t have rice, just know that it is much lighter than rice and could mold if it gets wet! This is around the amount you will need to fill three sections of the snowman, you may have a little left over or you may need a little more depending on how each section is packed, and how tall the sock is. Mix rice with a few drops of essential oils, don’t be shy! It’s better to put in too much than too little. If you feel the scent is too strong, don’t worry, it will diffuse over time. It’s more difficult to re-open the snowman and put more in.

2. Place sock inside of the mason jar and fold top of the sock over the rim of the mason jar. This keeps the sock open and makes it easier for little ones to fill.

3. Fill the bottom of the sock a little under ⅓

4. Lift the sock out of the mason jar and pack the rice in by twisting just above where the rice stops. Tie a rubber band to secure the first section in place.

5. Repeat two more times for the body and the head making sure there is AT LEAST 1.5 inches of sock left at the top. There can be more, but any less and the next step may be tricky

6. After tying off the last section, fold the excess sock over the head to make a hat!

7. Decorate with a permanent marker, felt, buttons, bells, fabric, or anything else to complete your scented sock snowman!

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