Paper Making

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Over time, crafting and cutting can lead up to a lot of paper waste. Instead of tossing it in the recycling bin, recycle it yourself! Paper making is a fun and creative way to up-cycle paper waste. The finished paper can be used for other crafts, letters, class work, or given as a gift to friends and family.

There are a few steps to paper making, and the link below tells you everything you need to know:

Additional Options:

Option 1: Press seeds into the paper while its drying to make plantable paper! Once it dries, seeds solidify in the paper, and you can write letters to loved ones. Be sure to add a note that their love letter can turn into a flower!

Option 2: Use cookie cutters to shape the paper while it's still wet. Heart and star paper is fun too! After straining the paper, press a cookie cutter onto the pulp and gently shake so that paper surrounding the outside of the cookie cutter separates, leaving the desired shape. Put the rest of the unshaped pulp right back into the blended paper/water mixture and use again.


Following multi step directions

Sharing materials

Experimenting with new tools and mediums

Observing cause and effect

Leaving a project and coming back to it, learning to wait for a result

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