Measuring Self and Seedlings

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Measuring and comparing different spheres in our lives allows children to see that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, the part reflects the whole, as above so below, you get the point. As most seed planting is completed in November, by December little leaves begin to show. Those that are ready to be transplanted can be transplanted just before the full moon and measured to track their growth.



Blackboard or long paper

How to:

Head outside with the rulers to measure how tall the baby plants are. Be gentle with them as they are still growing. Record on paper. Continue to track, measure, and make observations weekly.

Our children are little seedlings too! Have them stand against a wall, blackboard, or lay down on a long paper. Mark the tops of their heads with a maker and use the same ruler to measure the floor to the top of the line. They will be at least a couple feet tall, so they will need to count how many rulers it took to reach the top. The kids loved to see a different perspective on themselves and actually look at their height. Over time continue to make marks and record observations about height.

Learning Goals Addressed



Making observations

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