Fairy Houses

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Magic is everywhere, and children see it the most. Engaging in fantasy fosters the imagination. Fairies are delightful creatures symbolizing nature as each fairy has it's own element, plant, herb, or ecosystem that it connects to. Fairy stories can be educational, illuminating different aspects of nature, and creating a curiosity and desire to learn. Through stories, a child's imagination fills in gaps as they use imagery and creativity to understand a story, instead of being shown from a book.

Tell your child a fairytale. Herb Fairy and The Complete Book of Flower Fairies, and Good Night Fairies are all great resources. Then, to honor the fairies, build them a house out of recycled, natural, and decomposable materials! Fairies live in nature, so we don't want to build fairy houses that pollute their homes with glitter, plastics, and other chemicals. Take a nature walk to collect the materials and scope out a good place to leave the fairy house, then get building!


Flour glue (mixture of flour and water until glue consistency is reached)

Egg cartons

Leaves, sticks, twigs, flowers

Anything else biodegradable or from nature!

Camera and photoshop (optional)

How to:

Go on a nature walk and collect anything you want for your house. Leaves, sticks, twigs, flowers, grass, even dirt are all great options (and make sure to thank the fairies and/or mother earth for providing these materials). Then glue objects into plain or painted egg cartons, wood, or onto each other to form some kind of structure. Once complete, they can then be left outside in the woods or down nature trails for the fairies to go into!

If the location you wish to leave them is well traveled, consider moving it off trail or deeper into the woods so they won't be disturbed. Allow children to choose location.

Optional: You can take pictures of the fairy houses in their location, photoshop little fairies into them, and show the children who has come to visit their houses. Children pretend and fantasy play all the time, now it's your turn to play too! It's fun and sparks magic in little ones minds.

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