Butterfly Hide and Seek

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Fall months are filled with the fluttering wings of migrating butterflies. If you are lucky enough to be in their path as they migrate, it is an awe inspiring experience. Weaving the theme of butterflies into our day can be practiced by sharing facts and information, stories, bringing one in to observe, and of course games!.

Kids absolutely love playing hide and seek, and you can play it with a twist! Embodying different animals while hiding and seeking can spice up the average game of hide and seek, and informs children on seasonal cycles. In summer they can be birds, bees, and bunnies. In autumn months children can take turns being hibernating foxes and bears trying to be found, or beautiful butterflies emerging from chrysalises.


Toilet paper or long paper to wrap children in

Butterfly wings or scarves

Space to run and hide


Wrap up one or two children in toilet paper or some kind of long paper while the others go to hide. This paper represents the chrysalis of the butterfly. After counting to 10 (or however long it takes to hide), the little butterfly breaks out of their shell and is handed wings, scarves, or any colorful material to represent their colorful butterfly wings. The little butterflies then fly around looking for their friends, and once everyone is found, the next child gets to be the butterfly.

Tip: After children break out of the paper, it’s not trash! You can use that paper to make new paper!


Understand the position or orientation of their body to other objects and people

Participation in group games

Outdoor play

Carry objects over short distances

Practice impulse control (waiting to break out of chrysalis)

Following multi step directions (take paper off, get the wings, go find your friends)

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