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Festimom: Event Childcare

Festivals are a place of freedom, expression, movement, music, and connection. People of all ages benefit from environments of freedom. It is slowly, but surely becoming more commonplace for family friendly sections to pop up at events, and I whole-heartedly support the movement! In a supportive environment, children can form community connections and have as much developmentally appropriate fun at music festivals as their parents! My goal is to bridge the gap in making it more accessible for families to enjoy these types of events by providing a layer of support for you and your children. We know you love your dear ones, and we also know you need space every once in a while. Festimoms and festidads are here to engage your children in their own unique community while you engage in yours. Each caretaker is vetted and intentionally hand picked with love to ensure the utmost safety of your child.


We caretake, engage, play, protect, and love children in the locations of...

  • Our own gated, family friendly area with games, crafts, activities, and workshops where you can choose to stay or leave

  • Pre-established family sections

  • Individual campsites


How it works:

  • View the list of festivals and events we will be at (coming soon!)

  • Contact us using the submission form below to let us know if you will be in attendance and are interested in our services. Don’t be shy! Let us know what your needs are and we can coordinate with you as best we can.

  • We can schedule care ahead of time, or you can just drop by during the event.

  • If you do not see an event on our list that you would like services for, use the submission form below and we will see if we can dispatch caretakers personally for you!


Music transcends culture, religion, race, class, age and brings humans together. Let’s bring people together.


Since 2006 I have been working with children and families in various modalities. From casual babysitting on date nights, to nannying, to 1:1 therapist, I am fully capable of being fully present for your child, whatever their needs are. I have worked within the special needs community for many years serving children with autism, Down syndrome, blindness, ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, cerebral palsy, and many more. I have also worked with typical children both in-home and in the community.


If you are near Philadelphia/NJ area and are in need of child care, get in touch here or use the submission box below.

**I offer discounted rates for BIPOC individuals. If you feel this would be supportive to you and your family, reach out using the submission form below.

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