Develop Body, Mind, Spirit

Everything is connected. There are so many layers to thriving, and they develop in tandem. Our body holds our story from birth to earth and beyond, and somatic movement allows our bodies to express and move within our storyline. When we experience a strong emotion, it is held deep within our subtle and physical bodies. If it becomes trapped, we begin living our lives around that trapped emotion, instead of allowing energy to flow freely. I can offer an integrative approach and open space for movement, stillness, and freedom of expression that allows you and your child freedom to experience, process, and integrate life itself. To inquire about any session, please reach out here or in the submission box below.


Yoga is a great way to balance body, mind, and spirit, especially during potentially strenuous times of COVID-19. I offer live classes as well as downloadable videos to get you and your little ones moving! These child friendly and sometimes silly poses engage little movers in balance, stretching, stability, and self-regulation.



Ever wanted to learn how to hula hoop and didn’t know how? Don’t worry about it! Play and experiment with prop manipulation as a form of somatic movement, and see where your body and mind take you. In these classes, you and your little one will receive step-by-step instructions with me as your guide, as well as have the opportunity to play, be silly, and find your own patterns of natural movement. Join me in a fun, engaging, and beautiful way to dance!



You don’t need to sit on a mountaintop and fast for 30 days to immerse yourself in meditation. Simply closing the eyes and practicing stillness can achieve long-lasting, calming effects on the nervous system. I offer live classes as well as downloadable videos to get you and your little ones clear, calm, relaxed, and creative! Choose from different meditation styles including guided imagery, visualisation, exploring emotions, mindfulness/awareness, and breathwork.


Ecstatic Dance

Allowing your body to move the way it needs in a supportive environment can be very potent and healing. From movements on the ground, to kneeling, to standing, experience an open platform and fall in love with movement. Engage with those near and far in dance, movement, and healing.

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