Meet Jillian:


My name is Jillian Heron, founder and developer of Festimom. I believe that each of us has a wealth of infinite, untapped potential, and I strive to be a reflection and reminder to others of that light inside of them. In 2006 my brother was born with Down syndrome. Having him in my life has opened my mind, expanded my heart, and deepened my understanding of human nature in ways I never thought possible. In 2008 I began volunteering for children with special needs. Since then I have explored and loved many care taking roles including:

- 1:1 Aide for special education school/residential home

- In-home Behavior Technician

- Preschool Teacher Assistant

- Lead Preschool Teacher

- After School Teacher

- Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hr)

- Reiki Level 2

- Somatic Eco-Educator

- Peer Support and Harm Reduction

- Human Potential Life Coach-in-Training


Each of these experiences has helped me grow both as an individual, and as a facilitator of authentic development at any age.


In 2018, I was inspired to begin a festival babysitting service. Since then, I have expanded the business model to offer more of my unique services as a resource to children, families, and educators. The intention for the blog is to: 

  1. Catalogue various projects, songs, and activities that I’ve done with children over the years

  2. Be a helpful resource to families, educators, and child care providers

  3. Prove that art projects and activities outside of mainstream curriculum do assist in meeting developmental goals​

There is a lot of tender-loving care and intentionality behind my blog posts. If you have any questions, or just want to chat, let's get in touch!


All my love.

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